Young Stars Zürich Competition

Inscriptions: Saturday: 88/88 Sunday: 120/120

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Thanks for your interest in the Young Stars Zürich Competition. This site allows you to enroll yourself or other players for the tournament. To do this you must provide an e-mail address, but you may also create an inscription account by merely providing a name.

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The registration is open since 30 June. Places have been filled more quickly than even last year. Since 1 July for Sunday and since 5 July for Saturday, only registrations for the waiting list remain possible. Nevertheless, it still makes sense to register at least for Saturday, as the waiting list is not large yet (5 at the moment of this writing). We already have more than 50 players on the list for Sunday, but it's always hard to predict how many will sign out. Most of the cancellations will be coming in just before the tournament, so unfortunately you won't know until late if you can play or not. The players will be replaced in the order they registered so please keep on registering if you want to come.