Young Stars Zürich Competition

Inscriptions: Saturday: 88/88 Sunday: 120/120


In order to enroll yourself to the Young Stars Zürich Competition you first have to create an inscription account. This is a simple process during which we can verify your e-mail address such that we can contact you if questions arise concerning your inscriptions. Please create an account using the form on the homepage either with your licence number (in which case the program can look up your name) or by providing a name.

If you do have a licence by Swiss Table Tennis it is most simple to provide your licence number which allows the program to look up your name and club in the database. If you like to use a nickname you may still provide it in the name field. If you do not have a licence or do not want to provide it it is also possible (though a little less convenient) to just use your name in the inscription form.

After your account has been created we will send you an e-mail with a confirmation-link. It will contain a random number which serves as your login for this account so you do not have to remember a password. Please keep your confirmation e-mail because it allows you to easily manage and edit your inscriptions. Since the link will only be valid until up to the end of the tournament you may also pass it to someone else, e.g. if you leave for a holiday. Of course we will provide a new login-Link if you accidentially lost your confirmation-link. Note however that any old link immediately become invalid as soon as you ask for a new one, therefore it is pointless to ask for more than one in succession.

Using your confirmation-link you you can easily check all your inscriptions, but we will also send you an e-mail about any changes made to the inscriptions in your account. So if you add a player or change his series we will send you an e-mail about each edit. Usually you are responsible for these edits, but it will also permit you to react quickly in case of fraud.

If you have further questions or comments you may send an e-mail to the tournament-team.

Having said all that it is now your turn to create your inscription account.